Parent Testimonials

A few words from our parents...

"8 years ago I was terrified to leave my child with someone else, but with another new baby at

home I was exhausted and struggling. I decided to try preschool 3 half days a week. It was hard

for me to let go, but I’m so very glad I did. It not only gave me a few moments to catch my

breath and become a better mother, but it was so good for my child to be with others besides me. He was exposed to art, bugs, plants, food, letters, numbers, science, songs, friends, and the knowledge of the world, the universe, the body, and so much more! Way more than I could have shown him in my tired state of mind. That’s not even the best part. The best part is the teachers. The teachers are so kind, patient, and loving. They didn’t just babysit your kids while you were away, they truly cared for your child and their happiness. My children have all fallen in love with their teachers at St Andrew's Preschool and so have we! Each of our four children have enjoyed two years each at this wonderful school. Thanks to their amazing preschool experiences, they have all left feeling ready to learn more and excited to go into Kindergarten. That is a priceless gift for a parent! I feel so blessed and grateful for St. Andrews. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."


Love, The Wu Family -2022

"I love having Parker at St. Andrews for the amazing play-based

program and genuinely caring staff! Love seeing all the photos of

the amazing things he does every day. There is so much

enrichment and fun with the array of wonderful activities and

opportunities for each day. I was worried I would feel guilty about

putting him in preschool so young, but I have no doubt he is in the

best place for his development! No regrets and no guilt - just glad

he's in such a fun little place where he can thrive!"

Kristi Stoza -2022

"We had two of our four children at St. Andrews and we have loved the experience

our children have received. We especially love the integration of religious and

spiritual lessons that they will carry with them throughout their life. We love

hearing their prayers at night before we eat dinner and love all of the well

planned activities arts and crafts that our children experience at Saint Andrews. 

In addition we have really enjoyed meeting other parents in the community at

Saint Andrews who share similar values as our own.  Our children are excited to

get dressed in the morning and arrive at school a true validation of how much

they enjoy their classrooms and teachers. We love hearing about what they have

learned and have enjoyed seeing their developmental progress over the year. 

Finally, the playground at Saint Andrews is freaking awesome I wish I could be a

kid again!"

Hans Kullberg -2022

"We had both of our children start at St. Andrew's Preschool when they were around 4 years old. As a mama who wanted to stay home with her kiddos during their younger years, it was so important for me to find a school that felt like home & made learning FUN when we decided it was time for them to be away from mom & dad. St. Andrew's has always felt like family to me. From the first classroom visit, first day of school, and every day thereafter, everyone was always so welcoming, and loving toward not only our children, but us as parents, and even

grandparents when they would come to visit. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

for loving, caring for, and teaching our children. You've helped shape them into the

sweet, confident kiddos they are today. I look forward to Nyah's first day of Kindergarten

knowing that she is prepared intellectually as well as emotionally. She is at camp this

week all on her own, and I know she will be fine because of the lessons she's learned at

school about sharing, and being kind and considerate to those around her. We will

always hold a special place in our hearts for Ms. Heather, Ms. Erin, Ms. Nina, Ms. Eva,

Ms. Debra, Mother Mary Lynn and all the rest of the teachers and staff at St. Andrew's

that have worked with our kiddos over the years. Thank you again!"

Love, The Krawll Family -2022